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संस्कृति. /sanskriti/ f. culture

The word for culture in Sanskrit (and Hindi) is sanskriti. Literally translated it means 'refinement', suggesting a means for extracting the spiritual essence of life (Brahman). Therefore, sanskriti can be interpreted to convey culture as a vehicle of spiritual expression. Sanskriti is brand, founded by Maharani, driven by the movement for indigenous people to take their culture back. It is a movement of cultural pride and self-expression, as well as aiming to decolonise our practices, literature and traditions. As well as encouraging the creation of music in South Asian languages and supporting South Asian artists, Sanskriti will be launching a Desi inspired clothing brand, which will include clothes, accessories and ayurvedic beauty products. Sanskriti also supports and promotes indigenous Yoga and Ayurveda practitioners.

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