Herbal Ayurvedic Pink Tea - Panamrutham


What is panamrutham?
Panamrutham is a mixture of all-natural dried herbs that is used in a tea infusion, prescribed by Ayurveda. This herbal tea gives off a vibrant pink shade and is a great antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and blood-purifying properties. This tea aids digestion, keeps the body cool and will leave you feeling rejuvinated and calm.

How do I use it?
1. boil a teaspoon of the tea mixture in around 300 ml of water for five minutes and strain in a mug
alternatively, use a reusable tea infuser in hot water until the water turns a deep pink shade


cinnamon, clove, green cardamom, catechu, sappanwood, red sandalwood, indian sarsaparilla, vetiver

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